Bridal Packages

The best to you, the groom and your entire wedding party.
We’ll care for all of your beauty and wellness needs during this very special time in your life!

For the Beautiful Bride

A pampering day for the Bride-to-be

“Bridal Sweet”

For her very special day, calms the nerves, soothe the spirit and leaves the bride looking and feeling her best
Relaxing Massage, Bliss Facial, Spa Manicure with a
Paraffin Hand treatment a Spa Paraffin Pedicure,
Prescription Treatment, a Hairstyle, Stress Relieving Treatment,
& Makeup Application includes a lite lunch and a Bridal Sweet take-home gift.

Bachelorette Party

As an alternative to a bachelorette party let us pamper your group!
Share time together, have fun and relax, we’ll take care of all of the details!
Massages – Manicure – Pedicures – Paraffin Treatments – Hairstyles – Color – Hilites & Prescription Treatments
Any package can be arranged, just call for information!

Makeup Application & Spa Manicure for the
Bride is Free

When five wedding participants accompany you for a
A hairstyle, Spa Manicure and a Makeup Application on your Wedding Day.
$80 / per person
Includes a Spa Brunch, must pre-purchase gift certificates.

Bridal Tips

To help you prepare for your special day!
Your Wedding Day
Wear a button-down shirt on the day of your wedding so you can get dressed easier without damaging your hairstyle and makeup. Also if you have an early wedding it is best to come with clean dry hair to the salon so so more time can be spent on the style, not the blow-dry, if you have long hair.

Remember to have something to eat at the start of your day, sometimes that is the only time you have a chance.

A good idea is to put together an Essential Kit – brush, comb, hairspray, makeup, bobby & safety pins feminine products, sewing kit, deodorant, nail polish color & clear polish, nail file and Kleenex, are a few ideas for the kit. Then this kit will be ready for you at your fingertips on your wedding day.

Hair & Styles

Engagement party, newspaper announcements, bridesmaid luncheon are all important to have a professional complete your hairstyle and makeup, it is the details that make things run smoothly and for you to look your best.

Find pictures of makeup & hairstyles to communicate your likes and interest, keep in mind the appearance of the headpiece & wedding dress you will be wearing. It is suggested that you have at least one consultation and trial hairstyle prior to your wedding date.

Right before your wedding day is not the time to experiment with your hair color! If you are interested in making a change consult with the colorist at least 3-6 months prior to your wedding date. Hi-Lites, face-framing, color hues, and transparencies add brilliance and tones and are always attractive to the hair. Set up your appointments in advance with the advice of the colorist so your date and times will be insured.

Prescriptions/conditioning treatments are recommended 3 months prior to the wedding date to get your hair in the best possible condition.

Hairstyles take approximately One hour for the bride, 45 minutes to one hour for the bridesmaids, mother of the bride/groom and grandmothers. 30-45 minutes for junior bridesmaid and flower girls. {depending on the length of the hair} It is suggested that the flower girl come in later on in the appointment time if at all possible because they get tired of sitting around if this can not be avoided make sure you bring their favorite toys and something they like to eat.

Veils & Headpieces

Order your headpiece and veil with your wedding gown at least 8 months before the wedding date. When you come in for your pre-wedding style bring in your veil so the stylist can make suggestions to a style that will best suit the headpiece and wedding dress. If this is not possible find a picture that closely matches both the veil and headpiece.

Make sure there are small loops inside your headpiece so that the stylist can secure the headpiece to the hair. If there are no loops, your seamstress will be able to stitch them in for you or the store where you purchased your veil will be able to do this for you.

Fresh flowers, pearls, antique hairpins are a beautiful alternative to veils, talk with your stylist for ideas and suggestions.

Stress Management –
Eat healthy food (vegetables, fruits & grains)
Drink, at least, 8 glasses of water a day
Exercise 3 times a week including 30 minutes of aerobics each session
Get proper rest
Meditate daily
Monthly massages to pamper yourself and the groom
Make a positive difference in how you feel and perform during this busy time in your life!

Skincare –
Remember to begin your monthly facial treatments six months prior to your wedding date to keep your complexion healthy and glowing.

Makeup –
Beautiful makeup is essential for perfect photography. Make sure you are touched up with loose powder prior to pictures {protect your dress with a cape/cloth} Matte finish for makeup is best for photos. Have a trail makeup & consultation prior to your wedding date. Suggestions: Plan your hair and makeup trial to be a bridal shower or engagement photos.

Makeup takes approximately 30 minutes per person and the brides takes an hour

Make sure you make your reservation appointment time with enough advance time prior to dressing and photographs

Hands & Nail Care –
Treatments to healthy-looking hands and nails are paraffin dips, moisturizing hand therapies, and spa manicures. It is recommended that you begin 6 months prior to your wedding date.

We do not suggest to have artificial nails just for your wedding, it will damage your own nails and take at least 6 months to get your nails in good condition again if you start well in advance with manicures and home hand and nail maintenance you will have lovely hands and nails to display for photographs and your wedding day.

Consult with our natural nail technician for excellent results, appointment times, manicure and hand treatment schedules.

We suggest at least 3-4 manicures for the groom’s hands and nails to look there best.

Moisturize your hands or use a light dusting of translucent loose powder on both your own and the groom’s hands prior to hand photographs.

Salon Services

Styles for your special occasion, soft natural looks, form new trends to classic looks 35+

The most gentle and effective plant-derived ingredients are used for this skin-loving treatment. Essentials for daily care and for targeted treatment. To bring visibly clearer, more beautiful skin to light. And keep it glowing for life. 50+
Series of six bliss facials: call for pricing

A mini facial is performed, preparing the skin for makeup. A trained Makeup Artist will aid you in proper color selection and application techniques to achieve your desired look be it natural or dramatic. Application 35+

An experience for your hands… We trim and file the nails, push back and condition the cuticles, exfoliate, then a customized hand masque is applied to your hands, specially treated to your needs, the masque is then removed with warm aromatherapy towels and finished with a hand massage. Polish of your choice. Smooth, soften, and leaves your skin looking and feeling thief best. 20.

Reflexology foot massage, hydrotherapy soak, shaping, beautifying buff, salt glow, and polish for an unforgettable experience, all performed in our “Get-a-way” massage chair 50+ Paraffin Pedicure 75+

This full-body exfoliation treatment uses natural scrubbing agents and essential oils to slough off dead skin cells, leaves skin smooth and soft, helps increase circulation and relieve stress. 75+

The suntan that is “good for you” and not only will you have soft, smooth skin, but, also a natural-looking glow. Exfoliation and body application of self-tanning lotion. Includes a take-home product! 60+

Based on ancient Indian Ayurvedic techniques, this treatment provides intense detoxification for the entire body. A stress-relieving treatment and sinus cleansing are performed as a treatment enhancement. An exfoliation & oleation is followed by a plant pure-fume steam bath and cool down. For a special relaxation technique – “shirodhara” concludes the treatment 195+

Enhance your individual well-being with exceptional restorative and peaceful massage therapy treatments.
One hour 60+ and Half-hour 45+