Men’s Services

A moment of hands-on Stress Relief. A shave consultation with hot aroma towels. A skillful service performed by people who know the trends and techniques, to leave you feeling great. And, of course, exceptional, plant-based products that revive the senses as well as your appearance. Pure pampering-every visit, every day. Technicians have individual prices.25-45+

DETOXIFIER TREATMENT with essential oils.
Gently Removes build-up/hard water from your hair. We can recommend a home care plan to prevent
future discoloration and build-up, includes blow dry 25+

STRESS RELIEVING Prescriptions Treatment
A relaxing, Stress Relieving Prescriptions Treatment and scalp massage that offers the most intensive
professional conditioning treatment available. Designed to be customized for individual hair &
scalp needs, the results are deep long-lasting conditioning treatment and shine that gives new life to hair,
includes a blow-dry. 35+

Richer more natural-looking color…Enhancing your own natural color or creating a new look, our services offer
you many ways to achieve your look. Includes blow-dry, haircut additional charge.
Color Service & Retouch 36+
Hi-Lites, Low-lites, & Creative Color 65+



Our total skincare system is formulated with botanical essences. To purify, revitalize,
replenish and protect. Service that treats you and your needs individually. Essential care for
every day, every face, everybody. Pure and effective.

SHAVE CARE Twenty dollars [15 minutes]
Experience the quick cleanse while learning how to prevent skin challenges presented from shaving.
Easy-To-Use daily skincare and shaving regimen are made based on individual lifestyle needs.

A relaxing Skin Care treatment designed for men, who would like to learn how to take care of their skin
at home. This mini-facial will be customized based on individual needs and challenges, creating a
personal Aveda Skin Care regimen. 30+

THE FACIAL Sixty Five dollars [60 minutes ]
It helps restore and maintain skins natural look. Using nature’s finest plant-derived moisturizers,
natural vitamins, protective antioxidants, and pure flower and plant aroma. Deep-Cleansing or
Rejuvenating Facial. A series of six facials call for pricing.

PURE-PLANT STEAM BATH & FACIAL Eighty-five dollars [120 minutes]
Choose from a deep-cleansing or rejuvenating facial, paired with a pure-plant steam bath
for the ultimate experience.


Massage buffing & shaping, treatment of dry hands, clear polish optional 18.

SPORT WORKS/MEN’S PEDICURE Forty-five dollars [60 minutes]
A relaxing experience, performed in a GET-A-WAY computerized massage chair.
Invigorating/Relaxing hydrotherapy soak, exfoliation, and shaping.
Foot reflexology or paraffin dip add Twenty dollars

FOOTWORK REFLEXOLOGY Fifty dollars [60 minutes]
A wonderful way to wake up and refresh your spirit. Starting with an Exfoliation-Salt scrub removed
with warm aromatherapy towels and then a reflexology massage.

Increases circulation in the feet
Stimulates nerve reflexes to major organs & glands
Moisturizes the skin on the feet

PARAFFIN FOOT TREATMENT Forty-five dollars [45 minutes]
First an invigorating soak, soothing mask, warm pure-plant essence massage and then
have your feet dipped in warm paraffin.


This rejuvenation treatment stimulates the scalp with deep pressure point massage, including the
neck and shoulder. A wonderful pick-me-up at any time of the day.
Service performed in an Anti-gravity chair

This scalp, head and neck treatment offers a longer period of time to relax and enjoy the benefits of
seated massage.

CUSTOMIZED MASSAGE Sixty dollars [60 minutes]
Enhance your individual well-being with exceptional restorative and peaceful massage therapy treatment.
You choose your personal blend of plant & flower essences to be used in warm oil which is then
massaged into the skin.
Half Hour Forty-five dollars ……..Series of Six calls for pricing

RECOVERY MASSAGE Sixty dollars [60 minutes]
A gentle, hands-on touch therapy performed while the recipient is fully-clothed. Pressure points are
massaged to help balance the body subtle energy flow; the thymus gland, responsible for the
maturation of T cells is also stimulated.

SINUS CLEANSING Fifty dollars [45 minutes]
Emerge refreshed, renewed and re-energized. Aids the body into relaxation, lymphatic drainage,
and releases sinus congestion with pure flower and plant aroma.

relieves in the sinus passages
Increases lymphatic circulation
Stimulates the subtle energy of the body
Reduces stress

PURE-PLANT STEAM BATH & MASSAGE One hundred dollars [120 minutes]
Relax, refresh, renew, the calming-energizing effects of massage enhance healthful living coupled with
a steam bath. Restores both body and senses with pure flower and plant aroma leaving the entire
body feeling soothed and nurtured.

BODY POLISH / SALT GLOW Seventy-five dollars [60 minutes]
This full-body exfoliation treatment uses natural scrubbing agents and essential oils to slough
off dead skin cells, help increase circulation and relieve stress.

Removes impurities, dulling surface cells, rough-textured skin.
Refines Skin Increases circulation
Leaves skin soft, smooth, and moisturized.

Experience a multitude of pure flower and plant essences, choosing the ones you find most appealing.
This essences-and it can be just one or a combination of two or more-directly relate to your personal elements
. By using aromas that you favor you can make your own environment much more personal.

Create your own massage oil or hydrating lotion with your personalized aroma 12.
Pure-fume absolute 25. Spirit 20.
Color shampoo & conditioner 28.50

Based on ancient Indian Ayurvedic techniques, this treatment provides intense detoxification for the entire
body. A stress-relieving treatment and sinus cleansing are performed as a treatment enhancement.
Then an exfoliation & oleation is followed by a plant pure-fume steam bath and cool down.
For a special relaxation technique – “Shirodhara” concludes the treatment.
Assists the body in the removal of toxins

Exfoliates and moisturizes the skin
Increases blood circulation
Increases lymphatic circulation
Relieves congestion in the sinus passages
Relaxes the nervous system
Creates a nurturing environment